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Fire Support Merc
A FieldOps 02.png Health 3/5
Speed 2.5/5
Combat 3/5
Objective 2/5
Support 4/5

CLASS[edit source]

Fire Support

Call in air-strikes and resupply your friends.

QUOTE[edit source]

Call me Arty. And stay out of my way, OK? Dangerous for you.

PROFILE[edit source]

Have you ever loved someone you shouldn't have? Have you ever said something you shouldn't have? Are you sharing a secret you're just dying to reveal? Arty couldn’t give a shit. He has bills to pay - Hire him and he'll kill your enemies. Come on, time is money. Nobody knows who or what he spends his earnings on, or where he goes on his downtime. There are rumors he’s a loving family man. He must be saving up the human affection for someone, right?
Arty's laser designator lets him mark out targets for devastating artillery salvos while staying a safe distance from the frontline. He's highly effective at the fire support/area denial role vital for securing outdoor objectives, and can keep his teammates resupplied with ammo to gain the edge in firefights.

STATS[edit source]

Health 120 Speed 400 Time to arm C4 5 s Time to defuse C4 8 s

COST[edit | edit source]

35,000 Credit.png

ABILITIES[edit | edit source]

Ability Artillery Spotter.png Artillery Spotter

Number 2
Cooldown 20s
Duration ?
Damage ?
Radius ?

By switching to his targeter and firing at a location, Arty calls down a quick salvo of high damage artillery rounds.

Ability Ammo Pack.png Ammo Pack

Number 4
Cooldown 6

These can be dropped on the floor or thrown directly at teammates. Picking up an ammo pack instantly refills your reserve ammo to full.

INVENTORY[edit | edit source]

Default[edit | edit source]

BR-16BR-16.pngM9M9.pngBeckhill Combat KnifeBeckhill Combat Knife.png

Other[edit | edit source]

Stark ARStark AR.pngCauldenCaulden.pngCricket BatCricket Bat.png

Dreiss ARDreiss AR.pngSelbstadt .40Selbstadt .40.pngStilnotto StilettoStilnotto Stiletto.png

LOADOUTS[edit | edit source]

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LOADOUTS (2nd Generation)[edit | edit source]

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