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Augments are present on every Loadout Card except Default, and some Augments are unique to a specific Mercenary, for example only Vassili cards have the Augment Spotter.

Icon Name Description Class
{{{2}}} Armour Piercing Bullets do 15% more damage to the EV Offensive
{{{3}}} Big Ears Enemy footsteps and other appropriate noises are 30% louder to you Awareness
{{{3}}} Bigger Blast 10% increase to blast radius to AoE weapons Offensive
{{{3}}} Bomb Squad Adds a more vivid highlight to enemy Proximity Mines and deployed explosives Awareness
{{{3}}} Chopper 15% increase to melee damage Offensive
{{{3}}} Cool Increase the time it takes Mounted MGs to overheat by 50% Offensive
{{{2}}} Double Time Allows you to reload whilst sprinting Movement
{{{3}}} Drilled 20% reduction to reload time Offensive
{{{3}}} Enigma Reduced duration of being spotted by 50% Awareness
{{{3}}} Escort Increases EV speed contribution from the player by #% Support
{{{3}}} Extender Increases Shield Size by 25% Defensive
{{{3}}} Explodydendron 10% increase to blast radius to AoE abilities Offensive
{{{3}}} Extra Ammo Increase the max number of ammo packs by 1 Support
{{{3}}} Extra Supplies 20% cooldown reduction to support abilities Support
{{{3}}} Fail Safe Reduces the effect taken from your own explosives by 30% Defensive
{{{3}}} Flying Pig You take no fall damage when landing Movement
{{{3}}} Focus Reduces flinching when hit while iron sighting or scoped by 50% Defensive
{{{3}}} Get Up 30% increase to health given on revive Support
{{{3}}} Guardian Angel Receive an audio warning whenever enemy artillery or airstrikes are incoming on your position and 20% reduced damage from air support abilities Awareness
{{{3}}} Healing Reach 15% increase to size of healing radius Medic
{{{3}}} Ice Cold 40% increase in time until overheating Rhino
{{{3}}} Lock on Turrets, Mines and other automated defenses react 30% more quickly Offensive
{{{3}}} Looter Killing an enemy Fire Support Merc will drop a small Ammo Pack, killing an enemy Medic will drop a small Health Pack. Offensive
{{{3}}} Mechanic Improves any repair tools and disarm rates by 20% Support
{{{3}}} Nitros 40% increase to barrel acceleration Rhino
{{{2}}} Pineapple Juggler Allows you to quickly pick-up and throw nearby grenades Defensive
{{{3}}} Potent Packs 20% increase to health regen rate given by healing abilities Medics
{{{3}}} Quick Charge 15% increase to round charge rate Sparks
{{{3}}} Quick Draw 30% reduction to the time taken to raise and lower weapons Offensive
{{{3}}} Quick Eye 35% increased to movement speed when Iron Sighted Movement
{{{3}}} Quick Slash Increases melee attack speed by 25% Offensive
{{{3}}} Sneaky Reduces the amount of sound you generate when running by 25% Movement
{{{3}}} Spares Increases the maximum number of magazines that can be carried by 1. Offensive
{{{3}}} Spotter 20% increase to the detection radius Awareness
{{{3}}} Springy Gives the Merc the ability to complete three jumps in a row instead of two. Movement
{{{3}}} Steady 21% increase to deployables health Defensive
{{{3}}} Tough Reduces the delay until health regen starts by 33% Defensive
{{{2}}} Try hard Gain 10HP for each death you suffer without getting a kill, up to a maximum of 30HP Defensive
{{{3}}} Undercover 20% increase to ability duration Defensive
{{{3}}} Unshakeable Reduces the damage you take from explosives by 20% Defensive
{{{3}}} Untrackable Turrets, Mines and other automated defenses react 30% more slowly to your presence Defensive

Sur chaque carte du jeu (Loadout Card) possède des améliorations possibles (Sauf sur les cartes de bases), et sont unique à chaque mercenaires (Mercenary), par exemple seulement les cartes Vassili ont une amélioration sur l'observation (Spotter).