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Map type: Objective
Filename: OBJ_Bridge
Strategic Info
Objectives: Repair EV, Escort EV, Delivery
Secondary: 1
Ammo Boxes: Objective Ammo Box.png x6
Mounted Guns: Objective MG.png x1

SETTING[edit | edit source]

New anti-radiation drugs being developed in the fortified GH Medical building? Maybe. But whatever they are, someone wants them. And someone else wants to keep them where they are. A paradox: the things that must stay are the things that must be taken. To resolve, just add Mercenaries.

SPAWN POINTS[edit | edit source]

Objective Spawn.png Attackers Spawn Points

  1. Start
  2. EV repaired
  3. EV at destination

Objective Def Spawn.png Defenders Spawn Point

  1. Start
  2. EV repaired
  3. EV at destination

OBJECTIVES[edit | edit source]

XX:XX Objective Repair.png Repair the EV Objective def Defend.png Protect the EV
XX:XX Objective Escort.png Escort the EV to the Bridge Objective def Destroy.png Destroy the EV
XX:XX Objective Drop.png Deliver the Drug Samples to the Helicopter Objective def Defend.png Protect the Drug Samples

MAP LEGEND[edit | edit source]

Objective Ammo Box.png Ammo Box Objective Doors.png Doors Objective MG.png Machine Gun Objectives Lift.png Lift Objective Stairs.png Stairs

MAP[edit | edit source]

Bridge full.png

IMAGE GALLERY[edit | edit source]