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Bug Fixing Update - April, 2016

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Proxy seems suspicious, gaining Prime Suspect status in the Rogue en Vogue event. That hasn't stopped her and the other engineers from crushing a few sneaky bugs in this month's Bug Fixing update, however.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the SNITCH Device’s vertical range was unlimited
  • Vertical range now matches the horizontal range
  • Fixed bug where the SNITCH Device would float in mid-air if thrown into an Airstrike
  • Fixed bug where C4 could occasionally be instantly planted
  • Fixed bug where Ammo Stations and Healing Stations could work outside of their intended range
  • Fixed bug where giving someone ammo by using an Ammo Station did not award you the achievement "Hoarder"
  • Fixed bug where using Phoenix's 'Healing Pulse' did not count towards the 'Nurse' achievement requirements
  • Fixed bug where several Badges were granted incorrectly in Execution Mode
  • Previously they were calculated over an entire round, rather than within a specified time
  • Fixed bug where players could receive the Honor Guard Badge every 15 seconds
  • Fixed bug where an obsolete Badge (Backstabber) was appearing on the Badge screen
  • Replaced the Gold Spec Ops Badge with the Bronze equivalent to better match the requirements