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Data:Weapons/A Turret 01 Deployable Item

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Parameter name Variable name Property name(s) Value
name name Has name
portrait portrait Has portrait sentry_icon.png
equip_time equip_time Has equip time 0.2
putdown_time putdown_time Has put down time 0.125
ability ability Has ability turret
silent silent Is silent no
fire_interval fire_interval Has fire interval 0
fuse fuse Has fuse time
projectile_damage projectile_damage Projectile has damage
projectile_damage_radius projectile_damage_radius Projectile has damage radius
projectile_lifetime projectile_lifetime Projectile has lifetime
projectile_can_pick_up projectile_can_pick_up Can pick up projectile
hit_snare_mul hit_snare_mul Has hit snare multiplier
hit_snare_time hit_snare_time Has hit snare time
projectile_damage_inner_radius projectile_damage_inner_radius Projectile has damage inner radius
projectile_health projectile_health Projectile has health
projectile_smoke_fadein_time projectile_smoke_fadein_time Projectile has smoke fade in time
projectile_smoke_fadeout_time projectile_smoke_fadeout_time Projectile has smoke fade out time
equip_snare_mul equip_snare_mul Has snare multiplier when equipped
deploy_time deploy_time Has time to deploy 0.01
max_deployed max_deployed Has maximum deployed 1
projectile_healing projectile_healing Projectile has healing
projectile_healing_medic projectile_healing_medic Projectile has healing for medic
projectile_healing_direct_hit projectile_healing_direct_hit Projectile has healing on direct hit
projectile_mine_arm_time projectile_mine_arm_time Mine projectile has arming time
projectile_mine_detection_radius projectile_mine_detection_radius Mine projectile has detection radius
max_range max_range Has maximum range
min_range min_range Has minimum range
max_damage max_damage Has maximum damage
min_damage min_damage Has minimum damage
damage_type damage_type Has damage type
muzzle_count muzzle_count Has muzzle count
charge_time charge_time Has charge time
charge_rate charge_rate Has charge rate
can_revive can_revive Can revive
burst_count burst_count Has burst count
burst_interval burst_interval Has burst interval
min_revive_health min_revive_health Has minimum revive health
max_revive_health max_revive_health Has maximum revive health