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Medic Merc
Mercs phoenix fullsize.png Health 2/5
Speed 3.5/5
Combat 2/5
Objective 2/5
Support 5/5

CLASS[edit source]


QUOTE[edit source]

Time of death, now. Cause of death, yours truly. I'm calling it!

PROFILE[edit source]

Phoenix is a Doctor. A healer. A saver of lives. An arrogant bastard who broke his Hippocratic Oath ten minutes into his first surgery and thought self-replicating nanomachines would be an exceptional instrument for face-lifts and nose-jobs. After the Spanish medical community banished him for ethical violations bordering on mad science, Phoenix has risen again, finding his way to London to see what his special little friends can do on the battlefield.

His prototype nanites mend the wounds of himself and his nearby allies, and trigger the ability that lends him his name. More offensive-minded than Aura and Sparks, Phoenix heals his teammates by being right in the thick of things.

STATS[edit source]

Health Mercenary Health::'''100 Speed Mercenary Speed::'''430 Time to arm C4 Mercenary C4 Plant Time::'''5 s Time to defuse C4 Mercenary C4 Defuse Time::'''8 s

COST[edit | edit source]

40,000 Credit.png

ABILITIES[edit | edit source]

Ability Healing Pulse.png Healing Pulse

Cooldown Proportional to the Charge Time (up to 12s)
Heal Depending on the Charge Time (up to 100)

Phoenix can trigger his experimental nanites to spread to nearby allies, instantly mending their wounds, and his own as well. The longer he spends charging the ability, the more health the Healing Pulse restores, triggering an increased cooldown.


Ability Defibrillator.png Defibrillator

Phoenix can revive incapacitated team-mates using his Defibrillators. The longer these are charged before releasing, the more health the players has when they are revived. They can also be used as an offense weapon against enemies, dealing more damage with longer charges.

Ability Self Revive.png Self Revive

Activation 3s
Cooldown 25s

After becoming Incapacited, and after a short delay, Phoenix can activate his nanites to revive and restore all his Health.


INVENTORY[edit | edit source]

Default[edit | edit source]

Hochfir SMGHochfir.pngCauldenCaulden.pngBeckhill Combat KnifeBeckhill Combat Knife.png

Other[edit | edit source]

CrotzniCrotzni.pngM9M9.pngCricket BatCricket Bat.png

KEK-10KEK-10.pngSelbstadt .40Selbstadt .40.pngStilnotto StilettoStilnotto Stiletto.png

LOADOUTS[edit | edit source]

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LOADOUTS (2nd Generation)[edit | edit source]

VIDEOS[edit | edit source]

TIPS[edit | edit source]

Tactics: Try not to go alone, as you need teammates with you to heal/revive.

Fight Back: Try to "Double Down" Phoenix so he can't revive himself. If he revived try to kill him AGAIN and he can't revive because of the CD (Cooldown)