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A Medic 04.png Health 1/5
Speed 5/5
Combat 2,5/5
Objective 2/5
Support 4,5/5

CLASS[edit source]

QUOTE[edit source]

Call me Sparks. I heal. I kill. Is ironic paradox. Yadda yadaa.

PROFILE[edit source]

Sparks is a qualified doctor, and has the papers to prove it. But then she also has the papers to prove she's at least five other people, including a pilot, an attorney-at-law, and a California Highway Patrol officer named Jeff. The point is, she has friends in high and low places, which helps her get her hands on cutting-edge medical tech like the REVIVR. Killing and reviving people under gunfire is by no means the worst job she’s had. Just ask Jeff. Sparks uses her prototype REVIVR rifle to both heal AND harm: Reviving teammates from distance, and doing deadly shock damage to enemies. Using the REVIVR to revive a teammate from behind cover is easy. Hitting an enemy at distance with it... that's a little tougher. Sparks can also drop Med Packs by hand, although they're weaker than those of other healers.

STATS[edit source]

Health Mercenary Health::'''80 Speed Mercenary Speed::'''470 Time to arm C4 Mercenary C4 Plant Time::'''5 s Time to defuse C4 Mercenary C4 Defuse Time::'''8 s

COST[edit | edit source]

35,000 Credit.png

ABILITIES[edit | edit source]

Ability Revive Gun.png Revive Gun

Cooldown 0 s
Damage Body : 65 / Head : 130

A rifle which fires a charged projectile capable of reviving team-mates or harming enemies. This allows her to support her team-mates from relative safety, without getting into harm’s way. Both damage and health given on revive are reduced the further the distance from the target.

Revive gun 01.png

Ability Small Health Pack.png Small Health Pack

Number 4
Cooldown 10 s
Heal 40 HP, instant

Sparks carries several small health packs at any one time. Picking up a small health pack will trigger an immediate regeneration of player health that cannot be interrupted by receiving damage. Directly hitting someone with this health pack will increase health healed to 40hp.

INVENTORY[edit | edit source]

Default[edit | edit source]

Tølen MPTolenMP.pngSelbstadt .40Selbstadt .40.pngBeckhill Combat KnifeBeckhill Combat Knife.png

Other[edit | edit source]

MP-400MP-400.png M9M9.png Cricket BatCricket Bat.png

Empire-9Empire-9.png CauldenCaulden.png Stilnotto StilettoStilnotto Stiletto.png

LOADOUTS[edit | edit source]

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VIDEOS[edit | edit source]