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Fire Support Merc
Mercs Stoker.png Health 3/5
Speed 2.5/5
Combat 3.5/5
Objective 2/5
Support 3.5/5

CLASS[edit source]

Fire Support

QUOTE[edit source]

Do be careful of the napalm. Tricky stuff.

PROFILE[edit source]

Each trade has their longstanding professional dilemmas. Every Fire Support officer wonders if one day, sooner or later, they'll have to call in an airstrike on their own position to save the rest of their unit. Not a decision to be taken lightly, and particularly not with White Phosphorus. It was, apparently, a decision Stoker was happy to make. When he talks about what incendiary explosives can do, listen to him. He knows what he's talking about. Quite what such a formerly senior officer is doing working as a humble frontline mercenary is anyone’s guess.

Stoker’s napalm grenade is perfect for damaging groups of enemies, or area denial: very useful for closing off chokepoints, locking down an area or defending Objectives. His deployable Ammo Station lets his team-mates resupply themselves: place it behind cover or around a corner so it doesn't get destroyed by enemy fire.

STATS[edit source]

Health Mercenary Health::'''120 Speed Mercenary Speed::'''400 Time to arm C4 Mercenary C4 Plant Time::'''5 s Time to defuse C4 Mercenary C4 Defuse Time::'''8 s

COST[edit | edit source]

45,000 Credit.png

ABILITIES[edit | edit source]

Ability Molotov Grenade.png Molotov Grenade

Number 1
Cooldown 35 s
Duration 10s
Damage 40 DPS, 35 Direct
Radius ?

Stokers Molotov can be thrown large distances and will detonate on the first surface it impacts. From there the payload will spread out and cover the surrounding area in flames. Any enemies caught in the flames will receive high, periodic damage. Very useful for denying areas.

Ability Ammo Station.png Ammo Station

Number 1
Cooldown 15s
Radius ?

A deployable station that can be placed almost anywhere on the field of battle. It will gradually resupply ammunition to nearby players over time.

INVENTORY[edit | edit source]

Default[edit | edit source]

Timik-47Timik-47.pngSimeon .357Simeon .357.pngBeckhill Combat KnifeBeckhill Combat Knife.png

Other[edit | edit source]

M4A1M4A1.png DE .50DE .50.png KukriKukri.png

Stark ARStark AR.png Smjüth & WhetsmanSmjüth & Whetsman .40.png Stilnotto StilettoStilnotto Stiletto.png

LOADOUTS[edit | edit source]

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LOADOUTS (2nd Generation)[edit | edit source]

VIDEOS[edit | edit source]

TRIVIA[edit | edit source]

His real name is Harold Sands, as seen on the ID card he wears.