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Template-info.png Documentation

This template creates the top section of a merc page. This is a purely visual-only template that does not perform any categorization, nor does it set properties or have other side effects, so it may be used directly for fun on userpages or for purposes other than documenting mercs.

Note that {{MercHeader}} uses this template to produce its visual results, but that template does categorize, set properties, and draw information from relevant data pages.

  |nickname=The nickname of the merc
  |class_name=The merc's class name
  |class_desc=The merc's class description
  |quote=merc's quote
  |profile=merc's profile
  |health=the merc's health
  |speed=the merc's speed
  |plant=time to plant explosives
  |defuse=time to defuse explosives
  |health_rating= 80 to 250
  |speed_rating= 350 to 400
  |portrait=Filename of the portrait image, without the "File:" namespace prefix