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CA Terminal 2.jpg
Map type: Objective
Filename: OBJ_Victoria
Strategic Info
Objectives: Deploy C4 on wall, deploy C4 on containers A and B
Secondary: 3
Ammo Boxes: Objective Ammo Box.png x3
Mounted Guns: Objective MG.png x3

SETTING[edit | edit source]

Two rail containers full of documents. A train station, sealed off behind a fortified wall, a last rail link to the world outside the contaminated zone. Why are these hard copy-crammed containers so important? As evidence? Of what? Anyway, they need destroying. Or protecting. Your mission orders may vary.

SPAWN POINTS[edit | edit source]

Objective Spawn.png Attackers Spawn Points

  1. Start
  2. Advanced Spawn Point captured
  3. Gate blown

Objective Def Spawn.png Defenders Spawn Point

  1. Start
  2. Advanced Spawn Point captured
  3. Gate blown

OBJECTIVES[edit | edit source]

15:00 Objective off Destroy.png Destroy the Checkpoint Gate Objective def Defend.png Protect the Checkpoint Gate
XX:XX Objective off Destroy.png Destroy Data Archives A and B Objective def Defend.png Protect Data Archives A and B

MAP[edit | edit source]


IMAGE GALLERY[edit | edit source]