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Style[edit | edit source]

  • Add more variety to the layouts of titles
    • Title1 : as Page Title : DB font, white color, BG image but smaller
    • Title2 : DB font, and #deaf04 color, white line
    • Title3 : DB font, white color, #deaf04 line
  • Add a style for text  : color="#deaf04", might be <color>text</color>
  • Add a style for text : "font-family: Dirtybomb_nx-black-webfont", might be <DBfont>text</DBfont>.

Advanced tooltips[edit | edit source]

  • Tooltip that can have advanced layouts (table, pictures,etc...) : would be cool to display stats of weapons, stats of Mercs on mouse over... Requires an update of Gamepedia software

Content[edit | edit source]

  • 2nd Apr 2016: Execution HUD is outdated.
  • 7th Jan 2016: On WeaponStats, there is no Spread information. Either can the information be found or removed, thanks.
  • 4th Jan 2016: There is no loadout information for Thunder.
  • 3rd Jan 2016: Dome's Objective 2 Screenshot is out of date. Actually they all are. Objective 2 is now Pylons, All screenshots need to be updated.
  • Add Spread and Recoil info to WeaponStats
  • Abilities : Add info about CD, Damage, Healing, Number,etc...
  • Create a page for every weapon with stats, info and renders similar to Blishlok
  • Create a page for each Ability with info, stats, screenshots, tips, etc...
  • Add info about Missions
  • Add pages and stats for the weapons MK46, Katana, and Grandeur SR.
  • Add generation 2 loadout cards to merc pages.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Map Article Status
Bridge Good, map is slightly outdated but is otherwise excellent and likely to be the standard.
Chapel Good, map could use updating
Dome Does not follow the template, but contains good information and screenshots (albeit beta) of objectives.
Market Bare bones
Overground Bare bones
Terminal Good, spawn points could use some clarification, and map could be updated.
Trainyard Good, spawn points could use some clarification, and map could be updated.
Underground Good, spawn points could use some clarification, and map could be updated.

Merc templates[edit | edit source]