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Map type: Objective
Filename: OBJ_CanaryWharf
Strategic Info
Objectives: Deploy C4, Deploy C4
Secondary: 4
Ammo Boxes: Objective Ammo Box.png x4
Mounted Guns: Objective MG.png x0

SETTING[edit | edit source]

On the day of the actual Dirty Bomb event, this station was used as an evacuation center. Then a morgue. Then a CDA control center as they built the containment wall sealing off the contaminated zone. And now there's some kind of archive in lower levels. Shame if it got flooded, and all that evidence erased, eh?

SPAWN POINTS[edit | edit source]

Objective Spawn.png Attackers Spawn Points

  1. Start
  2. Extractor Fan Control destroyed

Objective Def Spawn.png Defenders Spawn Point

  1. Start
  2. Extractor Fan Control destroyed

OBJECTIVES[edit | edit source]

XX:XX Objective off Destroy.png Destroy the Extractor Fan Control Objective def Defend.png Protect the Extractor Fan Control
XX:XX Objective off Destroy.png Destroy the Pump Control Objective def Destroy.png Protect the Pump Control

MAP LEGEND[edit | edit source]

Objective Ammo Box.png Ammo Box Objective Doors.png Doors Objective MG.png Machine Gun Objectives Lift.png Lift Objective Stairs.png Stairs

MAP[edit | edit source]