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Covert Ops Merc
A CovertOps 01.png Health 2/5
Speed 3.5/5
Combat 4/5
Objective 2/5
Support 3/5

CLASS[edit source]

Covert Ops

Sneak around, or camp, with a powerful Sniper Rifle.
Mark out enemies on the mini-map with your Heartbeat-Sensor Grenades.

QUOTE[edit source]

I'm a sniper. I'm sniper-er than the other snipers. I'm the sniperest sniper there is.

PROFILE[edit source]

Vassili missed a shot once. It was rather an important shot, with a lot resting on it, and it disappointed a lot of quite important people. Not the target, who was delighted, as were all the people who'd voted for them. But the point was, Vassili was no longer welcome to work for his own government, so now he contracts out on the open market. But then who could shoot their own sister?
Long-range sniper, great for defending open areas/objectives, but vulnerable up close. Keep him back from the frontline, so he can dominate open areas and long corridors. He can also throw his Heartbeat Sensor to spot and highlight enemies, even through walls.

STATS[edit source]

Health Mercenary Health::'''110 Speed Mercenary Speed::'''420 Time to arm C4 Mercenary C4 Plant Time::'''5 s Time to defuse C4 Mercenary C4 Defuse Time::'''8 s

COST[edit | edit source]

50,000 Credit.png

ABILITIES[edit | edit source]

Ability Heartbeat Sensor.png Heartbeat Sensor

Cooldown 17 s

Throws a Heartbeat Sensor that, once it comes to rest, emits a wave of energy that detects nearby enemies and displays them on the Mini-Map and HUD of all allies.

INVENTORY[edit | edit source]

Default[edit | edit source]

MoA SNPR-1MOA SNPR-1.pngMP-400MP-400.pngStilnotto StilettoStilnotto Stiletto.png

Other[edit | edit source]

Fel-ixFel-ix.pngTølen MPTolenMP.pngBeckhill Combat KnifeBeckhill Combat Knife.png

PDP-70PDP-70.pngSmjüth & WhetsmanSmjüth & Whetsman.pngCricket BatCricket Bat.png

LOADOUTS[edit | edit source]

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LOADOUTS (2nd Generation)[edit | edit source]

TRIVIA[edit | edit source]

  • It is likely that Vassili's name is a reference to the Soviet sniper Vasily Zaytsev, who killed 225 Axis soldiers in the Battle of Stalingrad during World War II.