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XP (experience points) in Dirty bomb comes in four forms; Game Mode XP, Combat XP, Support XP, and Badge XP.

Game Mode XP[edit | edit source]

In Objective Mode and Stopwatch Mode, Game Mode XP is earned by completing objectives.
Game mode XP is colored yellow.

Attack Action XP Defense Action XP
Arming C4 on Secondary Objective 100 XP Defusing C4 on secondary objective Fraction of the defusing you have done x 100 XP
Arming C4 on Primary Objective 200 XP Defusing C4 on primary objective Fraction of the defusing you have done x 200 XP
Destroy Primary Objective 1000 XP
Destroy Secondary Objective 300 XP Repair secondary objective Fraction of the repair x 300 XP
Damage Primary Objective Damage dealt XP Repairing Primary Objective Fraction of the repair x 500 XP
Destroy Secondary Objective 300 XP Repair secondary objective Fraction of the repair x 300 XP
Delivering Objective 1000 XP Return Objective 250 XP
Round Win 500 XP Round Win 500 XP

Combat XP[edit | edit source]

Combat XP is awarded per point of damage you deal to an enemy after they die - either as Kill XP, Assist XP or Finish XP.
Combat XP is colored red.

Deed XP
Kill XP Damage dealt XP
Assist XP Damage dealt XP
Finish XP Damage dealt XP
Place (Deployable) 25 XP
Reclaim (Deployable) 5 XP
Neutralize (Deployable) 25 XP

Support XP[edit | edit source]

Support XP is awarded per point of health you heal a friendly, for planting and picking up Health Stations, for throwing Ammo Packs (10 xp), for hitting a friendly directly with a thrown ammo pack or health pack (10 XP), for spotting the enemy (60xp or 100xp if the enemy is then killed).
Support XP is colored blue.

Badge XP[edit | edit source]

If you obtain a badge in a match, you can receive a certain amount of XP based on the badge that you receive. The better badge you achieve, the more XP you'll receive.

See All Badges

Levels[edit | edit source]

Level Needed XP Reward
2 2000 Arsenal case + (Aura and Skyhammer only)
3 8,000 Arsenal case +30,000 Credit.png
4 22,500 Arsenal Crate
5 54,500 Arsenal Crate
6 126,500 Arsenal Crate
7 300,000 Unlocks Competitive mode
8 558,000 Arsenal Crate
9 903,500 Arsenal Crate
10 1,302,000 Arsenal Crate
11 1,703,500 Arsenal Crate
12 2,103,500 Arsenal Crate
13 2,919,000 Arsenal Crate
14 Arsenal Crate
15 3,303,500 Arsenal Crate
16 Arsenal Crate
17 Arsenal Crate
18 Arsenal Crate
19 4,900,000 Arsenal Crate
20 5,303,000 Arsenal Crate
>21 Arsenal Crate

Missions[edit | edit source]

Every 3 hours, you can complete Missions given by the game that award you additional Credits.